By Elena Karasenko
Size: 10½″ , handmade, one of a kind
Category: Bears

Armand, black Teddy.Sewn from thick viscose,filled with sawdust and mineral granulate.Black glass eyes have eyelids.The nose is embroidered and military.The bear will be sent from Germany by DHL

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I hope that this will not happen!I agree to make a similar beast!

Review by Susan A.
United States, on Apr 2, 2022

Armand is a bear of these times. He is a bear whose sensitive heart shows in his eyes, his face, his entire being. Elena's bears are some of the most expressive I have ever met, and Armand is no exception. He positively tingles with sensitivity! He is made of thick and strong black viscose, of high quality, which has a slight sheen. He is a full bodied little guy, strongly stuffed, with a round tum and a large hump on his back, so really, he does not seem little at all. He is made to survive. He has a marvelous profile full of character, as his head inclines forward slightly, as does his well angled muzzle. His paw pads, hands and feet, are very specially designed and sewn, well padded`, with claws. His arms reach out to be held, or to give a hug. Armand listens and watches. He can see far into the distance. His special eyes and eyelids are the most realistic I've ever seen. Around his neck, he wears a cord with a vintage gold button, a seal with a crown symbolizing everlasting presence. He has the sweet scent of cedar. I love Armand.

thank you my dear Susan. This is the best characteristic for our Armand. The bear that is sewn in peacetime is a special bear. I am so grateful to you. My big hugs!💙💛🙏
Elena Karasenko
Review by Nicola F.
United Kingdom, on Apr 17, 2024

Cynthia is a lovely rabbit... Thank you so much 😁

Review by Carol A.
Australia, on Nov 13, 2023

I just adore Elena's bears. Each one is such an individual character. I love the way they have a story to tell.
Highly recommend this artist.

Review by Jean H.
United Kingdom, on Oct 25, 2023

Such a kind and soft and not too heavy bear. Looks like a good listener. A lovely bear.

Review by Olivia Maria G.
Switzerland, on Oct 23, 2023


Review by Olivia Maria G.
Switzerland, on Oct 23, 2023


Review by Susan A.
United States, on Jul 11, 2023

Sigh.... Pia is a most precious teddy in my collection. With the most scrumptious curly soft mohair the color of fleece or flan or creme brulee or sweet buttermilk, and the most innocent and tender expression, she is the most cuddly endearing soul amongst my bears. Elena's ability to create and offer bears who reach deep within the heart consistently amazes me. Love the boot button eyes, maize hued suede paw pads, superb stitching and design. It also has to be said: stuffing is a big part of an artist's talent. That Pia has soft squidgy stuffing shows a big understanding of both the teddy and the human heart. Many thanks to Elena.

Review by Carol A.
Australia, on Apr 8, 2023

Cutest bear ever.
I am so lucky to have this bear in my collection.

Review by Carol A.
Australia, on Apr 8, 2023

So cute. I love this bear. Elena makes the most beautiful bears.

Review by Jean H.
United Kingdom, on Feb 28, 2023

What a wonderful bear with such a kind expression and his ears really add to his character. Thank you so much for the chocolate.

Review by Susan A.
United States, on Jan 16, 2023

I love this delightful bear! Wilchelm, with his glorious and orangey-rusty colored mohair, is pure joy to have in my home! His eyes shine brightly with compassion and mischief. His dark chocolate, worn muzzle looks aged by decades of kisses. A magical purchase for me! Thank you, Elena!

Review by Susan A.
United States, on Jan 6, 2023

Just the sweetest bear. Beautifully and strongly crafted with a delicate pink mohair on a dark chocolate backing. Her muzzle looks as if she's received lots of kisses, and her feet look like pink fluffy slippers! Elena's bears have individual personalities, and always a feeling of communication and connection like no other artist work.

Review by Eugénie P.
France, on Nov 2, 2022

Buddy est le premier de ma petite collection!!! Il est superbe , son regard est juste magnifique ..j’adore le travail d’Elena.. une Artiste avec un grand A ! Merci

Review by Carol A.
Australia, on Oct 31, 2022

Aliza is such a cheeky character. She likes to get up to mischief and act innocent when caught out. I love this bear to bits.
If you aren't sure if you should add one of Elena's bears to your collection. Stop hesitating, you won't regret it.

Review by Carol A.
Australia, on Oct 31, 2022

What a delightful bear. She is full of grace and sophistication.
Elena makes the most beautiful individualistic bears. They are truly one of a kind.
Cannot recommend this artist highly enough.

Review by Sharon G.
Canada, on Oct 20, 2022

Citron is an awesome little rabbit! He has so much personality! Love him! ❤️❤️

Thank you very much, I'm happy!
Elena Karasenko
Review by Carol A.
Australia, on Jul 19, 2022

What I love most about Elena's bears is that each one is such an individual character. They are always beautifully made. But each bear has a distinct personality all of their own. If you haven't already got one in your collection, do yourself a favour and get one ASAP!!

Review by Jean H.
United Kingdom, on Jun 27, 2022

Another wonderful and quality bear from Elena. He looks just like an old bear and is adorable. Thank you.

thank you very much 🥰
Elena Karasenko
Review by Carol A.
Australia, on Jun 7, 2022

Another amazing bear by Elena. Her work is superb....I love all her bears, each character is so individual. But each one so special. Highly recommend this artist.

Carol, thank you very much!!
Elena Karasenko
Review by Sue S.
United States, on Jun 2, 2022

Oh my word! I LOVE Elena's bears! They are vintage style with darling faces and sewn perfectly! I am a great fan and always will be!
Thank you Elena!💖💖💖

Sue dear thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it
Elena Karasenko
Review by Kathleen H.
United States, on Apr 26, 2022

Little Jannik is so precious. Exceptional quality and detail. You have such talent. Thank you!

Kathleen, thank you very much 💙💛
Elena Karasenko
Review by Susan A.
United States, on Apr 23, 2022

Today, I have been spending time with James bear. He's a big and lovely classic bear, and very squidgy and cuddly to hold in the hands! He has a sweet and funny expression, with rather close set eyes, and it seems he likes to make faces at me. And oh dear, it seems he also likes to sit and watch a British Masterpiece TV mystery with me, before bedtime.... I love his beautiful warm brown mohair fur, and his wonderful upright ears, which turn slightly back at the top tips, with a joie de vivre expression. A true teddy bear!!

Susan, thank you for your kind words! I can imagine you and James watching the series, it makes me very happy. Lovely
Elena Karasenko
Review by Kristi N.
United States, on Apr 20, 2022

This rabbit is so sweet and it's face is so wonderfully done.. as if it could talk to you! This artist always mails securely and right away even overseas. I have bought many of her creations and they are always a joy to see and hold and display. I have this one on my desk right now, reminding me to pray for the people of Ukraine.

Kristi, thank you very much!!💙💛
Elena Karasenko
Review by Carol A.
Australia, on Apr 14, 2022

Just gorgeous.
Elena makes her creations with the most individual characters imaginable. Each one arrives with it's own story, just waiting to fill your imagination with tales of adventures and magic.
Can't recommend her work highly enough.

Carol, thank you so much for leaving a review and appreciating my work so much. Many hugs
Elena Karasenko

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